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GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch DC~20GHz

General Description

SAC3205QP3 is a general purpose
broadband high isolation reflective GaAs
pHEMT SPDT switch in leadless 3x3mm surface
mount package. The switch offers over 40dB
isolation and less than 1.7dB insertion loss over
operation frequency. Its fast switching and
compact size make this absorptive SPDT ideal
for many critical applications. The switch
operates using complementary positive control
voltage logic lines of 0/+5V.


  • Frequency Range:DC~20GHz
  • Isolation:>40dB@20GHz
  • Insertion Loss:1.7dB@20GHz
  • Control Voltage:0/+5V
  • Reflective
  • Size:3mm×3mm×0.7mm

Typical Applications Radar and ECM
RF/ Microwave radio
Military and Space
Test and Measurement
Fiber Optics

Product Data Complete Data Sheet


  • Input power 30dBm
  • Channel Temperature 150℃
  • Operating Temperature -55℃~+85℃
  • Control Voltage Range +0~5.5V
  • Storage Temperature -65℃~+150℃
  • ESD Sensitivity (HBM) Class 1A