Our design team has extensive experience developing MMICs at frequencies from DC to 50 GHz. We have expertise in single function MMICs to complex integrated T/R MMIC subsystem. Contact us for a custom MMIC designed for your requirements.

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    Product Specifications

    We will work with you to analyze your detailed requirements. Our design engineers will identify trade-offs, suggest ways to improve performance and help you achieve your final goals. Our technical team will work with you throughout the whole product life cycle to meet all your needs.

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    Physical Layout and Simulation

    Our design engineers use linear and non-linear simulator tool sets to simulate all aspects of the designs, including foundry process variations. We also consider different topologies throughout the simulation phase to enhance performance, production readiness and reliability of our MMIC products.

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    Electromagnetic Analysis and Thermal Analysis

    Our design engineers use commercial EM software to extensively analyse electromagnetic behavior of the circuits and all its elements. We also leverage our 3D finite element simulation tool to analyze the thermal signature of our MMIC.

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    We have experiences working with a variety of different packages including metal, ceramic and plastic materials. We also design and manufacture our own packages such as SMD, flange and custom packages. Our design engineers will consider the package as an integral part of our design process.

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    Measurement, Test and Product Release Support

    Our in-house measurement and test facilities are capable up to 50 GHz. Our equipment includes vector network analyzers, noise figure meters, spectrum analyzers, power meters, semiconductor device parameter analyzer & characterization system, and wafer probe stations. Our engineering are professional at on-wafer testing and die/device level characterization and we have customized our ATE software to quickly capture large amounts of data.

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    Test Fixture and Application Engineering Support

    Our product release QA procedures include ESD testing, over-temperature testing, and application support. Our application engineering team will create assembly drawings, board designs, test fixture and test plans for our packaged and die or chip-level devices during the development process. Our team of application engineers is readily available for troubleshooting at the field and can offer you assistance throughout the process.