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GaAs MMIC Envelope Detector DC~20GHz

General Description

SAC1001 is an envelope detector that integrates a matched detection diode (Vdet). A reference diode is also available to be used in differential mode (Vref).

It is designed for wide range of applications where an accurate transmitted power control is required, typically commercial communication systems.

The circuit is manufactured with a Schottky diode MMIC process with via holes through the substrate. It is available in bare die chip.


  • Frequency : DC~20GHz
  • Dynamic Range: 30dB
  • BCB Layer Protected
  • Die Size: 1.25mm×1.25mm×0.1mm

Typical Applications Radar and ECM
RF/ Microwave Radio
Test and Measurement
Instruments and Apparatuses

Product Data Complete Data Sheet


  • Maximum Input Power detection +18dBm
  • Vd +6 V
  • Operating Temperature Range -55℃~+85℃
  • Storage Temperature Range -65℃~+150℃