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GaAs Enhancement Mode pHEMT

The SAC2502Q3 is a 0.25um T-gate length GaAs Paedomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor chip(Wg=800um) packaged in a QFN3x3 surface-mount plastic package, which has high associated gain and high dynamic range in single supply. The device can be used in circuits up to 10 GHz and suitable for low noise and medium power amplifier applications including a wide range of commercial and military applications.


Typical Applications  Microwave HMIC
 Test and Measurement
 Radar and ECM

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  • Gate - Source Voltage(VGS) 0~+1.2V
  • Gate Drain Voltage(VGD) 12V
  • Drain Current(IDS) 170mA
  • Total Power Dissipation(Pdiss) 870mW
  • RF Input Power(Pin max) 13dBm
  • Gate Source Current(IGS) 2mA
  • Channel Temperature 150℃
  • Storage Temperature -60℃~150℃
  • Thermal Resistance 90℃/W