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GaAs MMIC integrated frequency conversion multifunction chip 2.5~5GHz

SAC3605 is a GaAs transceiver chip with Up -converter and Down-converter mixer function. It is integrated with RF bidirectional amplifiers, a LO drive amplifier, a double balanced mixer, switches, a low pass filter, and 3-bit digital controlled attenuators. It covers 2.55GHz RF and LO frequency range with IF frequency 0.651.5GHz. It generates 16dB conversion gain with typical 0 dBm LO input level.

The chip is back-metalized to ensure better grounding. It can be die-mounted with AuSn eutectic preform or with electrically conductive epoxy.


  • LO to RF Frequency:2.5~5GHz
  • IF Frequency:0.65~1.5GHz
  • Converter Gain:16dB
  • LO Power:0dBm
  • Die Size:4mm×3.2mm×0.1mm

Typical Applications  EW
 Military Radar and Weather Radar
 Beamforming
 Phase Shift

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  • RF Input Power 13dBm
  • Control Voltage Range -5.5~0.5V
  • Channel Temperature 150℃
  • Storage Temperature -65~+150℃
  • Operating Temperature -55~+85℃
  • ESD protection level(HBM) Class 1A